Get Followers, Increases Views and Likes for Tangi

With the rising prevalence of TikTok, different engineers additionally want to propel an application that can accomplish something comparable. Google, under its trial lab Area 120, has propelled another short-structure vertical video application called Tangi. As observed with IGTV and TikTok, the vertical video design is additionally picking up prominence. While TikTok permits both 15-sec and 60-sec video arrange, the new tangi application will just permit a 60-second configuration.

Google launches a new app called Tangi. This app looks like the TikTok app but has something new features.

Using Tangi, the app you can upload your creative videos and increase likes and followers.

Get Followers for Google Tangi app

If you want to become famous in Tangi then you have to increase more followers.

here are some useful tips to increase followers for the tangi app.

Make creative video

Make Tangi video so that others can try it on your video

☛ Share your video on social media like Tiktok Facebook etc

☛ Do best to make your own video not copy-paste because google knows everything,

☛ If you make a video on a regular basis then you are defiantly on trending

Get Likes and Views for Tangi app

☛ Share the video as possible as you can

☛ Try it on other videos so other users see your videos.

Download Tangi app on apple

Click here to download Google Tangi app on your iPhone devices